Since I started with you, this habit we’ve been working on has made a huge difference to my energy levels and also kept my mid morning snacking at bay too. I’m down over 5kg since we started and actually have MORE energy now than I did when I was having energy drinks and copious amounts of caffeine for breaky! 40 days without an energy drink and ironically have way more energy now! Listen to this great coach peeps!

Dave, Financial Advisor

Carolyn Bohm is a fabulous coach! She is a kind, caring and really patient. She listens and uses her intuitive skills, next level, to really get to the nitty gritty of what is going on. She matches what personal values you have with your goals, so the sessions are really personalised and structured. Leaving a session with Carolyn, I felt pumped and confident to go out there and smash my goals! Highly recommend her… you won’t regret it!

Charlotte, Health & Wellness Coach

Carolyn has helped me so much, from getting my goals inline to working on the underlying issues causing those goals to thrive or fail. I have been so happy with Carolyn’s style and approach and made me feel extremely comfortable from the first session. I would highly recommend her and Healthy Trail. And thank you again for all of your help Carolyn!


Carolyn was very friendly and had lots of useful information. She helped me gain a clear vision of what I need to do to improve my health and helped motivate me to do it.


Not knowing much about health coaching, I took the punt and gave it a shot! Carolyn was wonderful explaining everything, writing down my goals, breaking goals down into smaller more manageable goals and even re defining them when things weren’t working the way I’d hoped. I highly recommend Carolyn as she was so easy to talk to, helpful and helped me to be goal orientated for a healthier life. Thank you Carolyn

Andrea, Scientist

Thank you Carolyn for your guidance in helping me gain clarity on my vision & prioritising my goals & specific actions to achieve my vision. Your style and empathetic manner made me feel at ease from the beginning. I highly recommend Carolyn as a health coach !


I had really thought that I wasn’t in need of much Health and Wellness coaching as I have always led a fit and healthy lifestyle.  It just goes to show that with some guidance, one can intuitively find areas of self-improvement and therefore, empowerment.