Healthy. Active. Balanced. Fulfilled.

Healthy Trail is a small Maribyrnong based business owned and operated by myself, Carolyn Bohm (Caz). I’m a certified Health and Nutrition Coach, a Workplace Health and Wellbeing Professional and an accredited Mental Health First Aider. I have over 15 years experience across workplace health, safety, injury management, workers compensation and most recently, workplace health and wellbeing. I setup Healthy Trail to enable me to work 1:1 with clients who are seeking guidance, support, motivation and accountability so they can achieve their health and wellness goals, become the best version of themself and be able to thrive at home, work and in life.

I offer health and wellness coaching via online coaching or walk and talk coaching sessions.

Below are some of the key outcomes that you can expect to achieve from working with me:

  • Identify the root cause of what is preventing you from moving forward
  • Make positive lifestyle changes to improve your health and wellness
  • Start taking steps towards achieving a desired goal (It can be ANY goal)
  • Form healthy lifestyle habits that are sustainable (Eg; Eating, exercise, sleep etc)
  • Stop yo yo dieting
  • Lose or manage weight using a non diet based approach
  • Learn to build a healthy relationship with food
  • Become an intuitive eater
  • Increase physical activity and excercise
  • Increase sleep, energy and vitality
  • Create a lifestyle that is more balanced and fulfilled
  • Transform your lifestyle for better alignment with core values
  • Be inspired to achieve overall wellness for healthful longevity
  • Find your hidden potential, your purpose and your ideal lifestyle